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Charles Cazabon, Dave Sill, Henning Brauer, Peter Samuel, and Russell Nelson have put together a netqmail-1.05 distribution of qmail. It is comprised of qmail-1.03 plus a patch file, some documentation, and a shell script which prepares the files for compilation.

We have done this because in our opinion, too many new users are confused by the out-of-date INSTALL file, and too much time is spent arguing on the mailing list over bugs. We have tried to stick to the barest minimum number of changes. We have fixed only those things which are out-and-out wrong, or which have been approved by djb (specifically QMAILQUEUE).

You can download netqmail 1.05. The MD5SUM for this file is 4c03848af9d37e281f3b82cc59230d9b. After being ungzipped, it’s 9229f01b9400ec3a6032565e51c878aa. Older issues are still available.

Bill Shupp has put together a TLS + SMTP Auth patch specifically for netqmail-1.05. Ted Fines has a patch which combines this with viruscan.


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